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do your o w n thing

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By: Candice Kumai

⚡️o n  t u e s d a y s

w e  w o r k

Ten years ago if you told me I’d be leading the pack in wellness, developing immaculate/foolproof recipes + I’d be judging Iron Chef, traveling the globe educating our youth + community on nutrition + cooking.. if you told me I’d be signed by @adidas + speaking at Yale + USD, @sohohouse + if you told me I’d get to teach @dr_oz @sharonosbourne how to make matcha or @iamterrencej how to make a green smoothie, or that I’d host @enews food specials w @thejasonkennedy + making a team of agents at WME IMG proud.

If you told me I’d be writing my 6th book at age 33… or that I’d be flown to @adidas HQ in Portland, Oregon to teach my adidas HQ fam how to make matcha… #matchaqueen.

If you told me I’d have features in @elleusa & @ellejapan & write for @cosmopolitan & have my face + name in the @wsj.

If you told me I’d close the NYSE, twice & open Nasdaq + get my own sick place on the Brooklyn waterfront, saying goodnight to the beloved Empire State Building each night + watch the sun rise over my city on the water every am…. If you told me I’d struggle to get there, but if I persevered, and always did the right thing, if I was honest, if I was myself, I’d get there… I would not have believed you.

There’s only one true way a tall, lanky, half Japanese girl who grew up playing soccer, loved making everyone laugh + loved watching  mom cook in San Diego did this, it was only from  h a r d  w o r k.

Go. I can promise you, if you work hard, put your head down and go, you will get there.

It is the only thing that will set you apart.

Do your OWN THING.

They call me “the golden girl of wellness” & I don’t take my crown off for anyone.

Go crush your work week ⚡️⚡️⚡️from 35,000 above to Portlandia!

more amazing announcements next week!

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