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Eat to Beat Cold + Flu Season


By: Candice Kumai

A cough here, a sniffle there. Cold and flu season is right around the corner. Chances are someone in your office or one of the girls has already been out sick. Think beyond orange juice and chemical cough syrup – think delicious, immunity boosting, clean, green foods that strengthen your immunity, and decrease your chances of getting sick. Dig in and reap the benefits.

Try the “C food diet”: Skip the juicy fruit flavored Vitamin C supplements and vegetables. Think carrots, pumpkin and dark leafy greens, like lacinato kale, Swiss chard and Mizuna.

Good for the Tummy Bacteria: Probiotics are chock full of good bacteria that strengthen your immune system. Think of it like extra health insurance for your bod. Go Greek for an extra protein boost when your energy is dragging.

Think zinc: Foods like pepitas, pumpkin seeds, wheat germ, sesame, lean beef and even chocolate (!) are rich in zinc, which may reduce the duration of your cold.

Soup, for the Soul: Whether you choose miso, butternut squash or good ol’ chicken soup, any hot fluid will do. Go for the triple threat of soothing broth, vitamin-rich veggies and fortifying protein for maximum benefits. Thank yo’ Mama for this tip!

Of course, the best form of sickness prevention is to wash your hands frequently, get your flu shot early, keep your immunity up  and of course, get lots of sleep! Sleep- it’s free and it’s your best friend.

Be well and live better, xx Candice Kumai


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