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entertain like a boss

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By: Candice Kumai

The holidays are right around the corner babes + as you know, my heritage has taught me how to infuse so many amazing spices and flavors, like ginger and matcha, so by channeling my culture’s cuisine, I always make sure to please my crowd with Japanese-infused cocktails and bites.. And guess what? I’m also proudly half Polish American, too! I’m so excited to embark on re-discovering my Polish roots and the artisanal gifts from our ancestors, like Belvedere Vodka! Here are some of my fave wellness//entertaining//being smarter tips to entertain like a bozz xxx ck 

floral ice cubes

Freeze your herbed and floral ice cubes the night before each party + make the base of your rosemary lemonade or ginger zest cocktail the night before, store in the fridge.

don’t over do:

Over-decorating and/or not leaving any room on table-tops will only crowd your guests. Keep your party clean, leave plenty of table and chair space open! Focus on simple luxury (candles, lighting, music and floral) and leave trash bins in clever places for all guests to use!

save cash and time:

Prep all of your desserts the night before your big party + use craft paper in white or natural brown craft paper you’d normally wrap gifts with as table liners, works perfectly without spending any extra cash.

we love you mason:

Use mason jars and re-usable jars to create candle holders and vases be eco-chic with your — floral decor! It will always be the most simple and elegant//timeless way to decorate for your party.

eats for all peeps:

options for all! be sure to have a variety of foods avail to party with: plenty of cocktails + mixers, a big fresh green salad, vegetarian options, fresh fruit, sweets, cake, proteins! You’ve got a wide variety of people to please!

try something new + interactive!

As a Japanese-American chef, self-serve ramen bars are my new fave addition I’ve created at my parties! Set out all ingredients/toppings/bowls and chopsticks + be sure to put out fresh noodles throughout the night (or have someone on noodle deck) and top away + add soup stock + enjoy paired with a GZ XXX tk drink!

Bird (+ timing’s) the word

Perfectly time your roasted chicken to come out about one hour after everyone has arrived, be sure to time food accordingly with guests, and always purchase more than less food, you’ll never want to run out!”

gifting is key!

Hostess gifting a bottle of Belvedere Vodka along with a personalized cocktail recipe, mixers and a fancy shaker can enhance the merriment of any event.

It’s not a party without cake:

Always, always above all things— have a cake at every party! I even go all out with a full dessert table usually! Allow your beautifully decorated cakes and simple floral centerpieces to be the simple decor needed on any tabletop. Less decor is more elegant. you are too legit xxx ck 

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