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Wabi Sabi Podacast: Episode 6: Tiger Mom Survival Guide

Japanese and Kaizen > Kaizen

By: Candice Kumai

Welcome: Episode Six: 🐅Tiger Mom Survival Guide:

– this one is for all you mixed kids, Asian kids & my homies that got kicked around ⚡⚡⚡+ its time for 2018, the year of REAL.

Here’s what you will learn in today’s episode:

How I struggle, how I have endured, how I have pushed myself, how I have created change –Welcome, the Tiger Mom Survival Guide:

1- practice Wabi Sabi: live with the notion all is perfectly imperfect – life will not be perfect forever. What made my sister and I so different from everyone else?

2- grace + humility: will always win. I don’t care who you are, being kind to everyone, just the same is key. Practice mindfulness & please work on dropping your ego, drop your sense of entitlement. How my mother showed me grace + never told me about grace.

3- legacy: do something that would make your tiger 🐯 mom proud. Why be basic? Why copy? Why complain? Do something grand to help others & do it well— Ganbatte: translates to: Always do your best in Japanese. Have the anthem of “Ganbatte” inside of you!

4- how to: get back up: they’re gonna push you, punch you in the face & and you’re gonna get right back up. Show people your talents — don’t tell. Nobody cares, especially not tiger mom —-about your talking — show me something good.

5- kaizen: you’ve got to continuously improve as the Japanese do — there is nor start of finish line in the race of life— we all start at the same mark— but those who are more talented & willing to take the beating & get right back up—— the adversity is real.

Now, go crush your work week — tiger mom doesn’t care about pity — she doesn’t care about your ego— she def doesn’t care about your social feed —-she wants you to leave a real #legacy— something tangible & real — one so grand —- she’d be proud to call you her child. .

Please keep in  mind: all of my notes are free, actionable — take it or leave it: check out my new book Kintsugi Wellness!

its the perfect gift for self-love + acceptance, healing + humility! Listen now: Subscribe to my Podcast Here!xxx

See you: On The Today Show July 9th + Dr Oz July 16th!!  love you xxx ck

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