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Exercising Confidence

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Confidence is like a muscle, you've got to exercise it, use it, test it... or you lose it.

Ladies, the single most attractive thing you can be is wildly confident.

By: Candice Kumai

Just a few years ago, I wasn’t confident in my work, I wasn’t fully confident in myself…. I was scared of what may be. I was always worried about what everyone thought, I tried to make everyone else happy, I gave a lot of myself away to people who were unappreciative. It took me years of practicing confidence, years to love myself, to find myself, my heart. I let go of the unappreciative people (you can, too!) It took me years to see and feel that I wholeheartedly deserved my dreams, I deserved success. I was very patient, hard working, resilient, I was kind. I finally felt confident. You’re strong, smart, beautiful, and you attract it all when you are confident. Focus on working hard, clear out all the noise, don’t compare and keep surrounding yourself with the other beautiful women + men who keep you going. Surround yourself with the people who make you feel good. When we are confident, when we love more, we attract just that. Love and confidence. Everyday, I am grateful for you girls, you’re kind, loving, hot, brilliant, funny, fun and above all, you are LE BEST! Werk it babes xxx

Love you 💘💘💘see you at the barre. 👯 📸 by Alison Engstrom

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