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Fall Back into Love

Lifestyle + Home

By: Candice Kumai

Hey, gorgeous!

Happy you are having an awesome week of relaxation, laughs, friends, good homecookin’ and a good sweat-session!

As I prepare to get myself ready for my next round of travels, studies and writing in Japan, I had this incredible time to reflect on myself, my work, my life in NYC. For so long I struggled to find love… I looked for it in many places. I gave it away to just about everyone. I write about it, speak about it, dream of it, but was I living it? As I began to go deep inside whilst writing this new manuscript, I began to realize, its in me. It’s in you. You are love. More love is the simple greatest answer to every issue. If we all felt more love, if we all gave more love, perhaps many of our issues, struggles and pangs would simply fade away.

But you’re going to have to do the work.

I’m currently working on cultivating more self-love and strengthening my big heart. I’ve got a big job to do and I take full responsibility and accountability on becoming the woman I know I am supposed to be. You’ve got a big job to do, too.

Fall back in love with your big heart, allow yourself to do more of what feels really good. Hang with friends who make you feel brilliant, those who make you shine! Get more sleep, eat better, cleaner, more nutritious foods and go move your ass. Do something to stimulate your beautiful mind (museum, classes, a run, sudoku? A Malcolm Gladwell read?) Don’t underestimate working out: trust me, the free endorphins and abs are worth it. You’re worth it.

I recently read a quote that touched my heart….

“When you begin to find love, in people and places where you haven’t found it before, it’s always because you’ve grown.” – The Universe

Have a think on that. We’ve grown. We’re not kids anymore. You’re on your way to becoming that incredible human you always knew you were supposed to be. Don’t wait. Do the work. Find that place deep inside, care for yourself.

Lucky you, I’ll be speaking all month in NYC: SoHo House, The W.E.L.L. Summit & The Nutrition School before my next line-up of studies, classes and writing in Japan start.

Consider October my one last noble and respectful Japanese bow to each of you, before I leave on my way to finish writing the single most important book of my career.

I hope to see you there! Oh, and Mom (Okaasan おかあさん) and I have also been working together on my new book. That’s her! How incredibly cute is she!? Kawaii! かわいい!! She’s a brilliant and humbled Japanese language and cultural teacher in San Diego, CA and she’s been the best Sensei/Editor to work with on this incredibly deep, heritage-driven book. You’re seriously going to be obsessed.

PS If you happen to be chillin’ at the market today? Check out my first cereal box nod with my friends at Kashi! Mom, makin’ you proud! 😉 Go do the werk now.

With love xx




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