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Fill Your Space with Positivity + Chill


By: Candice Kumai

Here are 3 simple ways I make sure that my home is a relaxing and positive space:

1- Use Lavender in the home: Essential oils, candles, bath soaks, lavender lemonade, even my lavender smoothie! The scent of lavender can help to ease stress, soothe, comfort and relax/calm the mind.

2- Candles: Bring friendship and love into your safe space. Candles aset a beautiful scene at night and can bring a sense of relaxation, aromatherapy and joy to your home. Look for soy or coconut based candles with clean burning wicks.

3- Use Mala Beads: Mala beads are helpful for your meditation and prayer time. They can help to keep you calm, relaxed and can bring peace into your life, and can help you to concentrate, holding each bead with every intention you set for your day. As a bonus, I wear mine from time to time with a cute outfit and bring my peace and relaxation along with me on a night out!

4- Try investing in a fabulous, aromatherapy diffuser: I use mine with essential oils and water, every night it helps for me to breathe deeply and relax into a good sleep! Diffusers create a space of light, good energy and love at the end of each long workday!

5 – At Home Spa Day:

Get a group of girlfriends together, get your cucumber-mint water, make a clean green mint and melon smoothie, try some new at-home facial recipes and get fabulous, together! 

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