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Five New Years Resolutions to a Fit New You in 2011

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By: Candice Kumai

Five New Years Resolutions to a Fit New You in 2011!

Five simple reasons why you MUST make some changes to see results. The #1 person you should look to improve on this year? YOU! Nothing ever came easy, so here’s to the year of YOU and the year of change!

#1 Ditch the Diet

When are you going to figure it out? Diets suck. They don’t work, they are temporary, they are fake, they are torture and awful, and they will do nothing more than have you repeating the loca dance, full circle. And aren’t you over the loca dance friend? I am. So make sure that you ditch the diet and start making a permanent lifestyle changes that last you a beautiful lifetime! Women in their 50’s and 60’s that are still killin’ it will tell you they don’t diet, they live a healthy life. So this year, ditch the dumb diet, will you? And say to yourself… “I’m making over my lifestyle this year”, “I’m giving my diet a do-over”, “I’m going to face-lift my food.” Ditch the diet for good.

#2 Toss the Processed Crap Foods

Just like that ex that you can’t get rid of, mind this mantra: “out of sight, out of mind!” Stop buying it! That’s all you have to do! Do NOT purchase them anymore. They are not going to help you stay slim, healthy or happy. They will keep you in that diet trap you’ve been dying to get out of! Simply make a list of real foods to buy. Some that are always on my list?

–       Kale

–       Red leaf lettuce

–       Carrots

–       Eggs

–       Oatmeal

–       Quinoa

–       Canned Tuna

–       Fuji Apples

–       Bananas

–       Brown Rice

–       Almonds

–       Almond Milk

–       Dark Chocolate

–       Red Vino! (yessum!)

#3  Drink Water!!!

I can assure you that if you drink boatloads of water every day you will have better skin, full hydration to your body and you won’t constantly be reaching for the cookie jar. Another fun little tip that I use water for is headaches, just drink 1 liter of water while having a monster migraine attack and watch it just naturally disappear! Hydration is key to staying healthy, fit and happy. Get with it.

#4 Sleep

Yes, you heard me, sleep! It’s such an overlooked and deprived part of our busy, crazy lives. But the best part about sleep? It’s free… It costs you no expense and it’s the simplest way to getting back to a healthy and fabulous you in 2011. Research shows that sleep can:

–       help reduce the risk of certain diseases

–       help control stress levels

–       make for a healthy heart

–       help keep your brain sharp!

–       help control and maintain a healthy weight

–       help repair your body

Need I really say more? Sleep is an incredibly important part of everyday life. So do not deprive yourself anymore. Make time for it, feel refreshed, feel satisfied and feel well rested! Sleep is my key to happiness, it helps kick-start the beginning of your day and helps you to wake up on the right side of the bed. Always

#5 Keep a POSITIVE outlook on everything that you do in life

It’s definitely not easy to be all smiles all day, It’s not easy to take the high road or to think on the brighter side. But it is realistic. Your thoughts are what control your mind and your everyday life. If you think negative then yeah, you’re going to feel negative. And if you think positive, happy and successful. Then guess what? You may just be that. Happiness and success are merely measured by one’s self. So start thinking that way. Find the little blessings in life that you already have: your health, your family, your friends and try to laugh a lot. Life is the most precious gift, so take care of you and each other!

Here’s to a sexy, healthy and happy new you in 2011! Xxxo ♥ck

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