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when I was five years old...

Inspiration > Kaizen

By: Candice Kumai

when I was five years old, mom took me to Japan 🇯🇵 to see the cherry🌸blossoms and to be with my whole Japanese fam.

Although I got teased for being Asian my whole life, being Japanese has and always will be a prized piece of my identity. I hold my heritage close to my heart.

Although people judged me because of how I looked my whole life + because I was a young + a unique spirited female, I still remained graceful and humbled. I worked hard.

Although people told me that I’d never “make it” or when they tried to talk down to me, I kept my mom & the honor of Japan in my heart.

Japan inspired me to hold my head high and always move forward.

Although people told me not to “cook Asian,” they told me what to wear and how to act. I didn’t heed to their advice, I stayed honest to myself and my heritage.

Although people talked behind my back, I was left, passed on, talked shit to, or was told I was only where I was because of how I looked, I carried on.

Although I gave too much + they took advantage of me (that hurt), my mom told me “you carry on, and you endure with grace.” (Gaman!) mom told me to always do my very best.

I know my time is coming. It took me over 10 years to build the business that I’m running today, and it didn’t begin or end with my Instagram account either.
10 years of real frontline grit n shit in NYC.
Many of you ask, how did I know? How do I do it?
I just went back to my heritage: that small girl, at five, with big hapa eyes who dreamed within all the cherry blossoms back in Kyoto.

I am honest + I never changed who I was. I created content that mattered + I had to do it on my own. Skills. If you don’t know my work, look it up on my bio. I like to stay humbled.
I want to make a difference + help others.

That little girl is finally ready to be who she always knew she was.
Go back to what you know + who you are, stop looking around, because it’s all inside of you. xxx🌸🇯🇵💕 ck ..
Book #6 drops 4-17⚡
📸 by me

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