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Foods with Benefits! FWB’s

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By: Candice Kumai

It’s 2011 hombres! And that means it’s time for change! Change because aren’t you sick of making excuses for not being as amazing as you wanna be? C’mon I know I’m not the only one who feels this way. Feeling your best is great for your confidence, your mini ego, and your dating life!

So sit back and relax, because I’ve got it covered! I’m the one that sacrificed a whole year of not dating, socializing or making it out to all the parties, just so that I could write my cookbook and share my top secrets with you. Here’s my mega secret from my new cookbook, Pretty Delicious.

Foods With Benefits. It’s real food that doesn’t cost an arm and a leg, is simple to prepare, and makes you gorgeous inside and out. FWBs is all about eating food to benefit your body. For example, quinoa, a seed that looks and has a similar texture to couscous but delivers benefits like protein, essential amino acids, and filling fiber. So why eat couscous when you can eat quinoa? Or how about swapping greasy fat-loaded fries for vitamins A and C-packed oven-baked sweet potato fries? It’s a simple way to remember how to eat: EVERYTHING you consume should have a benefit to you and your gorgeous body.

Think about your grandma (or great-grandma!). She cooked her own food, drank in moderation, worked hard, and didn’t spend hours on her butt watching TV or the computer screen. She didn’t waste her money on crap food—she kept it real, fresh, healthy, and fabulous!

The more benefits your foods have, the more you get from them. Eat junk, you get junk in the trunk. Eat fresh and fabulous and guess what? You’re looking pretty fabulous. It’s really a no-brainer. Just trust in Mother Nature and buy into her line of “prepared” foods—like raw almonds and apples and leafy greens. And remember: diets suck! They don’t work! So get real, eat real, and start cooking real FWBs. For a FULL LIST of these awesome FWB’s, scoop up my cookbook, Pretty Delicious. She will do you better than any ol’ friend with benefit! Eat well, be well and strive to be the BEST you in 2011! xxo ♥ck

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