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Full Circle.

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Growing up mixed, looking different, I never felt that I fit in.

When I was a kid, I wanted to be more like my Caucasian friends, I was teased for looking different, that shit still stings today. I didn't realize how golden my Japanese American heritage was.

By: Candice Kumai

In college, and in Hawaii, I met hapa girls, mixed girls who looked like me! They changed my whole life and perspective on what true beauty is. They are still my best friends to date! True beauty came from the inside. After writing + books + tv in LA + NYC, I slowly began to see how my being different helped me to shine, I stood out. My Japanese heritage became my deepest-rooted story. It was always the truth, my calling my heart. Everything came back around, full circle. I now embrace every aspect of my heritage and I am proud to be different.

Embrace that matcha, share that soba noodle recipe, sprinkle turmeric like magic. Pray on those mala beads, scream “Opa!”, dance the Zorba! “Mazel!”, “Salute!” Dive into a new found recipe from your heritage, meet some new ppl at a local community event or go out for some real Ethiopian/ Turkish/Laotian/Israeli/Korean/Indian/Vietnamese/Spanish/Filipino etc food, owned by an ethnic family!

Go full circle. Discover how beautiful your deep rooted heritage is, and explore others. Just watch, your beauty will shine from within, like glittering gold + you will attract the whole world.✨✨✨

📸 photo by @JackJeffries

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