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g i r l  o n  t o p 


By: Candice Kumai

To work hard, to educate yourself, to put in the time. Inherently, if we go deep inside of our spirit, we can find a clear picture of what we are looking for, & better understand who we are.

For so long I lived in the city, blinded by the tall buildings and shadows. Jaded by the glitz + events, the popularity. I thought I was happy, I thought I was with a person who loved me, I thought I was doing good… allow me to tell you, I was probably much more broken, insecure + unconfident than I would admit to you. I had a lot of pride built up, that was the Japanese way.

It took everything around me crumbling to pieces to figure out how truly broken everything was.

Much like “kintsugi” I had to do the work to repair, to seal and to come out continuously succeeding.

As much as the struggles suck, they do absolutely improve your spirit, your character + they fuel your drive.

If you think my new book is about pretty, sparkly shit, glitter and love stories, it’s not.

It’s about the toughest & gnarliest times. If you think the book is about a heroine, and my success, it’s not… it’s about the pathos in life + how doing the work is what will get you back, sealed with golden repair.

The work, the practice, time, healing reveals who we really are. I never lost who I was to the core. I actually ended up finding my most mindful, authentic and grateful self, once I came out of The City & got away from people who were selfishly only into themselves.

Now, from Brooklyn, I can see over the water, outside of all the buildings and shadows, in hopes that this newly perceived perspective is exactly where I am supposed to be. Thank God for the hipsters, the hot guys & all the young creatives here in Willburg, it finally feels like home, again.

With golden repair xx ck

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