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Get Your Stretch Goals On

Lifestyle + Home


By: Candice Kumai

Hiya Beautiful!

It’s le spring and it’s time to get out of that winter slump + on to a good ass spring re-boot! Each morning I’ve been focusing on giving more love and receiving more love. I think to myself where can I give more of my love and attention to? This includes my family, friends, my community work, my sweet kitty and myself.

Of course, I incorporate a workout into my daily routine 5-6 days a week. I allow only 1-2 days of rest a week, why? Because moving my hot body, makes me feel really, really good. Post-run, bar class, yoga or workout, your muscles get tight, and you’ve got to stretch them to relax, to lengthen, for optimum results. Just like in life, if you get too tight, wound up or stressed, you’ll not get the best results from life. 

So breathe, set goals, relax, stretch, chill. Get the optimum results from your best performance. Give a shit about what you are doing with your life, your work, your time, your community, your mind, your body… and then, give yourself time to stretch.

My sister recently had this campaign to raise funds for her bike shoppe: The London Bike Kitchen’s 2nd workshop space, (see more below) and after she hit her goal of £15,000, she had an opp to hit what was called a “stretch goal” of £18,000. An interesting term for us to add to our everyday lives. A STRETCH GOAL.

My stretch goal? To write the best book of my entire career, oh yes, its been put into the universe (book #6!!). To stop going back into my winter slump. To find that hot and talented man of my dreams, (or close enough, to, lol;)), to move to a place which fills my heart with love and light. To be even closer to my friends.

It may look like I’ve got this perfect life on the outside, but I can promise you, I’m just like you. The dark times, the slumps, the “feeling stuck” that’s all part of the design of life. We’ve got to have a healthy contrast in our lives and stop striving to be so perfect. I’ve got my amazing friends, my fam and all of you to keep me going, to keep me fueled-forward towards my goals. You do as well, cherish them and put your stretch goal out there into the universe, now. Watch magic happen. 


Love, light & length, xxx

PS! We have so much going on in April, its a lil nutzo! Stay tuned on my instagram for real-time updates! EXCITING things are happening in digital, television, publishing, print + branding. Yes, I’m a hustla, homie.

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