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Giving Through Growing $40,000 in grants!

Lifestyle + Home

By: Candice Kumai

If you’ve ever dreamed of having your own luscious herb garden, a flower stand for the family business, a community garden to help harvest fresh foods for those in need.. and you’ve allowed finances to get in the way? (click pic!)

Now, here’s your chance to get that funding gratis! Robert Mondavi + Woodbridge Wines is giving away up to $40,000 in grants to those rockin’ it out in their local gardening communities! It’s all through our incredible + gracious new program “Giving through Growing.” All you have to do is fill out this simple application here: CLICK HERE! And presto! You can easily be considered as one of our ” local heros” and receive a grant up to $20,000. We will be looking at four different individuals nationally, so spread the word, pass on this link and apply now! Deadline will be May 22nd, 2011! Have that heart by giving through growing!

So sew a seed, get to gardening and visit us here for more info!: http://garden.robertmondavi.com/

Apply by May 22nd, 2011, so get that butt to work and that application now! Happy gardening! xx ck

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