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Gratitude + Grace

Inspiration > Happiness

Konichiwa my Gorgeous Friends! +Happy Thanksgiving Week!

While in Japan, I had the opportunity to meet with so many intriguing, brilliant, fun and sincerely hospitable new friends.

By: Candice Kumai

I flew from NY to LA, to Tokyo, Sado Island to Niigata to Nara, Soni Village, Kanazawa, Noto, to Shikoku: Tokushima + Matsuyama, back to Tokyo to LA and back to NYC, soon…. Yeah dude, that’s a lot of travel, but I can promise you, it’s going to be well-worth all the hard work!

Yes, it takes a village to write a new book as deep as this one. Whilst traveling solo, I had plenty of time to reflect on my own life, I took some gorgeous pics and thought about what I truly want in this one lifetime and what I’m truly grateful for:

For my hilarious + super creative + brilliant family
For my super loving + totally real friends
For our health and my health
For a big heart (that always gives 100%, no matter what)
For my non-stop creativity + drive
For my hands to create
For the opportunity to create
For a home
For love
For my fat cat, Sisi, she makes me smile!
For new opportunities
For new love
For never having the fear of failure
For seeing everything as an opportunity to learn + grow… I am grateful.

That’s my list this year….What does your list of gratitude look like?

With love + grace, xx


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