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the gratitude list


By: Candice Kumai

So, everyone’s asking, “Candice can you tell us what you’re grateful for this year?” Oh yes I can, certainly: my gratitude list: what’s on your list?

1- human connection: this includes my best friends, my family, my heritage trips to Japan. All of that in real life. I’m grateful for being as real as the come, in person+ IRL.

2- mom + dad: mom, single handedly helped me on this book, for the past few years & my God she is the most brilliant (& hilarious) woman on the planet.

3- for work: w/o it, I couldn’t pay the team or my bills. I also never take a single project for granted.

4- for a creative mind: I’m not a business person, I hate finances, I don’t like 9-5 jobs. I’m stoked that I’ve got a creative mind + creative heritage it’s helped me to push myself + to never be afraid. Straight goals.

5- for my struggles: I’m completely +utterly a creature of imperfection. Anyone who knows me in real life, knows this. The broken hearts, financial pangs, deadlines, demands, the long list of dreams to pursue, these are the things, the moments of complete and utter, “fuck my life”. I would rather struggle as an artist+be true to you, than ever sell out, work for some boss or conform to what society wants me to do. I do what I want, when I want & work hard for the privilege, but I am reminded, that comes not without struggle.

6- for the real artists out there: you continue to inspire me. Thank you for being true, for putting in your time + support, you know who you are.

7- for the friends who never judge. You guys are the shizz. I love u forever; ain’t nobody need to tell someone else how they should be living their life. I love the friends who have been like “that’s my girl, CK⚡️” + I got your back, dude.

8- for the contributions: this was my biggest year of contributions to date. Hosting Chanel beauty events, Adidas apps + workshops, Samsung cooking events. Gracing the back of Kashi cereal boxes, shooting beauty for Shiseido Japan. Elle Japan, Well + Good Council, Arianna Huffington, its all good, its been a pleasure, but the best is yet to come, yeah dude, that new  book coming – now, go forth +slay⚡️

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