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Greek Yogurt: 10 Ways to get Obsessed


By: Candice Kumai

10 Reasons why you should GET OBSESSED! (some of these are ridiculous, yes.)

#1 0% FAT has never looked this sexy! Granted you make sure that it’s the 0% Fat Greek yogurt. You will not miss the old stuff, promise.

#2  Move over sour cream, dude, you’re old news: The Greeks hooked us up with a new non-fat alternative that any typical joe-on-the-street would think is full fatty sour cream.

#3 Healthy nails, skin, hair? YES! Consume more foods with calcium and protein and you will be looking sexier by the minute. You can try to keep it sexy on the outside, but we all know sexy starts on the inside.

#4 It sits well on my hips: My friends worry that it’s the only thing that I eat. Well, that may be true girls, but I know that my bum still fits in my 26″ jeans. Delish on the lips and light on the hips.

#5 It kills the cravings!: You know those nasty lil cravings you get for “fro yo” (full of sugar!!) or creamy, dreamy Ben and Jerry’s? (full of fat.) Kill that naughty craving with 2 scoops of Greek Yogurt + peaches + honey + candied walnuts.

#6 Sweet + Savory: I use Greek yog in all of my sweet and savory recipes. Mix into your hummus, guacamole, skinny onion + chive dip, with miso paste for an “Asian inspired dip,” fold into cucumbers + fresh dill + lemon+ sea salt for an uber delish Greek inspired cucumber salad! 

#7 Guiltless: You could totally eat the whole package in one sitting, and have zero remorse! Make sure you keep it guiltless. Guiltless means happiness, and happiness means smiles, and with all that calcium you should be smiling.

#8 Dollup it: A dollup in your creamy soups, on top of your tacos, on your chili and even in your gazpacho soup this summer? Yes! It adds great flavor without all those rancid calories and its also perfectly, aesthetically pleasing.

#9 Happy Tummy: Not only will high-protein, calcium-laden Greek yogurt keep you lean +lovely, but yogurt contains natural live active cultures that make for a very happy tummy. Those live active cultures are “friendly” bacteria that aid in digestion and help with immunity + help aid in lactose intolerance (hollla!) and also may help lower, yes lower cholesterol. Word.

#10 Lonely?: For all you gorgeous, single girls? Nothing says I love you more than a scoop of Greek yogurt on a Saturday night with PJ’s+ Couch + some maple + blackberries + toasted slivered almonds + cinnamon. As a single lady, this will take the place of any boyfriend. Best of all? It will serenade you, it will make you say mmmmm.  No whining, no need to do dishes and no ESPN-trapped-boyfriend nights in!

xx ck

Get Obsessed