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Grilled Banana S'mores

Recipes > Sweets

By: Candice Kumai

Feel like a little kid again by getting your hands all messy digging into your next obsession. This is a delicious and incredible treat for all to love! It’s so simple that kids can make these on their own, and for the total adult version, just skip the marshmallow and include banana only! Absolutely-FAB.


  • 6-  2-3 inch squares of dark or milk chocolate (I prefer dark chocolate!)
  • 6  graham crackers, halved, made into little s’more sandwiches
  • 2 ripe bananas, cut into thin slices, but thick enough for a skewer—not too ripe, but not too tough – firm enough to skewer and stay intact
  • 1 bag of large marshmallows

1-  On a metal skewer, skew up the bananas or the marsmallows, which ever you prefer.

2- Grill for a few minutes on a grill set to medium to low heat,  allowing the mallows to melt on one side, then flip! (You can also use a grill pan, or straight over a fire if you’re camping!)

3- Place 1 square of dark or milk chocolate, (I prefer dark 60% cacao or above chocolate, always) onto each graham cracker half. Place the grahams with chocolate on a clean part of the grill and allow the chocolate to melt! When the bananas and the marshmallows are off the heat, place onto the other clean graham cracker half.

4- Top with the chocolate melted graham cracker half, press into gooey-deliciousness! For extra gooey-ness, place the s’more directly on the grill after making it into a sandwich, and melt the chocolate a touch more.

A super inexpensive treat, fun, classic and works well at all BBQs, camping, and holiday parties! Serve up with a clean cocktail or a

Serve the adult version with a clean cocktail or, why not a margarita?!

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