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how my hair got even more gorgeous through the years: my secret!

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By: Candice Kumai

Good morning gorgeous! So many of you have been asking me about my hair, skin + nails lately + its no secret, I invest a lot of care into my natural beauty routine!

My dear friend Chrissie has really got me hooked on my new fave product, Monat!

It’s all about that gorgeous HAIR +it keeps getting even better, like with each year!

CandiceKHair.mymonat.com! Click for more on my line!

If you have questions or want to order Monat, what I use! you can email my friend Chrissy and I: CandiceKHair@mymonat.com

We can help you figure out what is best for you! I hope for those have you that have been searching for something like this try it and love it! Also, Monat is in the US, Canada+ the UK!

If you haven’t heard about Monat, it’s a naturally based haircare line. The company and the products pair perfectly with what I believe in – they’re naturally based meaning no harmful chemicals or toxins. It’s paraben free, sulfate free, and gluten free. It’s Leaping Bunny certified which means they’re 100% cruelty free and the list goes on and on. I love that they’ve combined nature and science to make this line that has been a game changer for me.
So, I’ve decided to partner with Monat because I never realized how many people are struggling with thinning, or dry/brittle/frizzy/greasy hair, or unmanageable hair, postpartum hair loss, hair loss from chemo, or are just wanting a safe, non-toxic product that they can be sure isn’t going to harm them or their families. Whatever the case may be, Monat has a product for everyone, every age, every hair type, and every hair concern.
For your knowledge + facts:
-Monat 100% stand behind their products. Their products at underwent 2 years of clinical trials and have a 30 day money guarantee with a less than 1% return rate.
-They’re officially the #1 luxury haircare line in the US
-When Monat launched in Canada and the UK they didn’t have to reformulate their products at all (most companies have to reformulate their products when moving into new countries because there are such strict standards and ingredients that are banned in other countries)
-Monat is a gratitude based company. They are ALL about giving back. They support many organizations and last month they gave $107,000 to the wounded warrior project.
-Monat is a family owned business!!
Chrissie made some of these before and afters for you, too!

If you’re interested in more on the best shampoo + conditioner!? –please reach out to Chrissie my fave girl and I via email! CandiceKHair@mymonat.com


It’s true that Japanese women can reverse-age + I can’t believe these pics too, but it’s true my hair got more gorgeous with time, thanks to Chrissie + my Monat stat! xxx with love x ck

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