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Happy 15th, Bar Method!

Lifestyle + Home

By: Candice Kumai

It’s Bar Method‘s birthday! As  a constant source of energy and light in my life, The Bar Method is a HUGE part of my every day! So here’s my Bar Method thank you and story:

“I’ve been a Bar Method “addict” for about 8 years now. I want to extend my sincerest debt of gratitude to The Bar Method as they have changed and improved my whole life. I’m stronger, more confident, happier, dedicated and even more graceful because of bar. I began my journey at The Bar Method at the Point Loma Studio in San Diego, CA (where I am originally from) about 7 years ago. Since then, I’ve grown close and admire many of the San Diego studio owners, Jessica Bowman (Solona Beach), Allison McCurdy (Point Loma) & Catherine Eggleston (Carlsbad). They’ve all done an incredible job of creating a space of light, love, strength and friendship. Our bonds have all grown closer, simply because of Bar.

Currently, my hometown studio in Soho, NYC has been a safe place for myself, a home for so many of us, a community of beautiful and strong women. We all absolutely love practicing Bar with Amy Duffey and Kristin Kelleher. It has been an absolute pleasure and honor working out with them in NYC. What keeps us coming back, is the feeling that you get, the integrity they have, the welcome and the workout. People never forget how you make them feel, and to me, Bar Method is my best feel-good habit.

As a journalist and writer, I continue to travel the US for work. And when I’m in San Francisco, I always make sure to see my bestie from college Steph Reynolds-Areen and the gorgeous, Molly Sandman, teaching. And I always try to stop in at Marina Del Rey or West Hollywood! And I cannot wait to come and visit more studios, with each coming year. Please keep up the integrity, love and grace at each studio, for it does not go unseen.

Two very deep and loving words to you, from my heart….thank you. ”

xx- CK

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