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Happy Clean Green Holidays!

Lifestyle + Home

By: Candice Kumai

Happy Holidays Friends!I hope you’ve had the best holiday weekend ever! I’ve been with my hometown besties and family this past week and I seriously cherish this time of laughter, smiles, connection, and love.This holiday season, let’s try to put away the phone a bit, remove yourself from the laptop and get back to good ol’ convos and connecting, in-person. Bake some holiday treats together (see below for some amazing recipes!) Whip up an eggnog smoothie together after a yoga class, a run or a barre class! Roast up a holiday meal and toast to a whole year past and a bright, new year to come.

I see my big sis (also a small biz owner in London) once a year, for just a few days. I truly value our time together to re-connect and recap on our whole year in-person. That is a gift, the gift of connection. We share our mishaps, our struggles, our successes and the good-times. Oh, and we laugh, A LOT– impersonating our Japanese Mom. I am always amazed at how much we have in common, no matter how far apart, or how long it has been. Remind yourself that we have nothing, if we do not have each other. A life is not truly worth living, if there’s nobody to share, love and connect with.. so be good to one another.

In 2016, let’s commit to loving a little deeper and connecting a little more. Commit to giving and gratitude in the new year. Be there for others, make time to volunteer for those in need, schedule time with friends, tell them you love them. Make space for more love and gratitude in your life. I promise you, the more you give, the more you get. Plus, volunteering, giving and loving feels really, really good! Oh, total bonus?! It’s free. 😉

Happy, Warm & Well Holidays to you and your loved ones! And thank you for being here for me this year, I truly value your time, your feedback, your love and support; it does not go unseen. xxx

PS! I’ll be hosting Wellness Workshops in LA, NY and maybe even a secret one, down under in 2016! The latest, always on my Insta! x

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