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DIY Homemade Vanilla Nut Milk


By: Candice Kumai

Kick your “non-dairy creamer” or half & half habit in the am. Save on calories, sugar, tummy-troubles, lactose and antibiotics (in some dairy!) and opt for delish, creamy, fresh homemade nut milk! They are the perfect alternative for people who are dairy-free & lactose intolerant. Plus it’s seriously easy to make yourself! Check out my delicious almond milk recipe which can be substituted with cashews or hazelnuts as well. I love finishing mine off with maple, honey or fresh vanilla bean. No additives, preservatives or processing needed. Just you, a blender, a cheesecloth and a smile.


-3 cups raw nuts: almonds, cashews or hazelnuts


-purified water

– All optional ways to bling out your milk: 1/2 teaspoon of cinnamon, nutmeg, pumpkin spice

– touch of maple or honey, stevia drops will do

– touch of fresh vanilla bean is always a-ma-zing!



-Cheesecloth, string or rubber band


1- In a large mixing bowl, add 3 cups raw nuts, and submerge in water overnight or for up to 8 hours. Strain the soaked nuts from the water, and discard the water.

2- Add the soaked nuts into a high-powered blender and blend carefully with 5 cups purified water, blend to combine well.

3- Using a 12 x 12 inch cheesecloth square over a large mixing bowl, gently pour the almond blend into the cheesecloth to strain. Tie the end of the cheesecloth off with a rubber band or string and strain all the liquid out.

4- Reserve the liquid, add a touch of maple, cinnamon, fresh vanilla bean or pumpkin spice, do what you want! Yields approximately 5 cups of delish, homemade and extra creamy nut milk. Store in a large airtight mason jar for up to two weeks in the fridge! xx





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