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Honor Thyself

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Wow, to be a part of the Adidas family is a milestone.

It has taken me many, many years to learn to be better to myself, to be kind to myself, to love myself. Prior to becoming a chef/writer/director, at 17, I was a fit + print model for 10 years.


By: Candice Kumai

My mind + body completely tortured me. I body-shamed and tortured myself. I had to maintain the perfect physique for over a decade because that was my job, that’s how I paid for culinary school, too.

How deep the contrast that my true passion was food, cooking and real eats. Girl could cook + I loved cooking so much I said ✌🏼to fashion.

It then, took me another 10 years in food and wellness to realize that my mind and body were one. I didn’t need to torture myself anymore. I could have it all… I simply needed more practice. I needed to put in the many years of work.

I’m now, in the best shape of my life, & that’s not just physical, that’s mental, too. My head game and your head game is deeply impacted by your lifestyle. (Ok, so my ab game is on point too 😉 The Japanese teach us to honor thyself, to honor tradition, to honor your heart. I’ll be speaking more on this to adidas & telling my story in my next book, which acts as a slight memoir to the years I have invested into this industry.

When I left set yesterday, after we had been prepping for weeks, I couldn’t believe the reaction I got, “wow, you’re the real deal, you’re such a pro, it was a pleasure working with such a professional (hand shake), take a bow girl, you killed it, you slay, damn girl, you crushed it!!” Perhaps I muted + never listened to these positive notes of thanks for so many years, maybe because I didn’t love myself enough. Maybe I never believed it?

Time for me to start listening to the good stuff, too and not just the criticism. Love you guys, so honored and full of love, now back to studying, VO and set day! ✨Honour thyself✨, xx 💘ck

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