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How to Make a Clean Green Smoothie, the right way…

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By: Candice Kumai

I totally know there are a million choices out there for juices, smoothies, smoothie shops, cleanses, juice blends, books and websites that are all “experts” on the topic. I am here to join the fray and lend some of my best tips that can help you blending the correct (and healthy way!) As it happens, some individuals may actually gain weight and consume more sugar if blending the wrong way! So here are a few helpful tips from a professionally trained chef/recipe developer/wellness journalist, aka, moi! Here to be of great use for you.

1- Base: Start with a solid base: Avocados are the best source for a base, as they contain fiber, potassium and vitamins galore, good fats and virtually no sugar. My Anti-Inflammatory Smoothie is best used with an avocado versus a banana! If you are craving that extra sweetness, slice your leftover bananas into small pieces and freeze in an airtight sealed baggie. Frozen banana pieces are excellent for a delicious ice-cream like consistency in smoothies. You can additionally use fresh pear and frozen mango to give you that same ice-cream-like texture. Organic silken tofu is also a great option for a smoothie base, and it’s packed with organic plant-based protein! Ice is another great and CHEAP addition that works perfectly for a base to any smoothie and makes for a refreshing, cold bevvie. But it’s best to avoid the frozen yogurt, milk, and ice cream based smoothies, as these bases add lots of calories and sugar galore!

2- Frozen Fruit: Work in those frozen fruits! Add in some frozen blueberries, acai packets, blackberries or strawberries. Organic peaches, raspberries and mango chunks are delicious too, just be mindful not to add too much fruit as it packs your drink with loads of sugar. Your best bet is frozen berries, which are lower in sugar and high in antioxidants and nutrients!

3- Greens! Because you are worth every ounce of clean! Great choices to blend are kale, spinach, baby spinach, watercress, Hawaiian spirulina powder and, when you can’t get fresh greens, you can try a scoop of super-greens at the health food store. But my basic rule of thumb is to always add greens to your smoothies – you’ll get vitamins, A, C, K, fiber, iron and yes… protein! I also love my probiotic powder in the smoothies when traveling.

4- Liquid Gold: Opt for unsweetened options. Unsweetened almond milk, unsweetened coconut almond milk blend, unsweetened green tea, or better yet, water! There is no need to put more sugar and calories into that beautiful body!

5- Super Boosters: These are items like: Pea protein powder, rice protein powder, spirulina greens, chia seeds, flax seeds, hemp seeds, carob powder, cocoa powder, lemon juice, quality matcha green tea powder (like Matcha Love), raw almonds, raw walnuts, turmeric powder, and bee pollen. If needed, you can add probiotics for that happy tummy!

Just Say No To Added Sugar!: When you have the option to add sweetener, just say no. When you make your smoothie the right way there is no need for extra sweeteners. No agave, no honey, no syrup. If you must, go for a few drops of stevia or some dates in your smoothies!

Blend Me: Invest in a really amazing blender. I highly recommend checking out the Vitamix 5200. It’s an investment in your health, it performs like an absolute pro – us chefs use them professionally in our kitchens and restaurants. I blend my smoothies from low to high in my Vitamix for the best smooth and creamy results.

Drink Me: Drink your smoothie within the hour for optimum health benefits. Oxidization will remove some super nutrients/enzymes you want in that beautiful body! Smoothies and juices are best consumed immediately.

Don’t Double up!: If you are blending a full smoothie, do not double up and eat a meal in addition to the smoothie. When made correctly, smoothies can serve as full meals! They can keep you full, healthy and vibrant! When you eat less, you feel amazing, you can move easier, you may even lead longer, happier lives according to some studies. Make a point to keep green drinks clean – they aren’t milkshakes! Nourish that happy and healthy bod!

Have FUN!: Most of all, blending is FUN. Go grab your man, a girlfriend, your loved one, go to a spin class, a hot yoga sesh and after, blend up a “hot-spin-date” smoothie post-workout, so you can all stay healthy together. Enjoy the time spent together and start creating some custom blends! YUM! Enjoy getting green naturally! xxx Candice

Need more info and recipes on Clean Green Drinks + Eats? Click here for my delicious & updated clean green eats book! YUM! x


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