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If we can't change the outcome, we change our attitude


By: Candice Kumai

If we can’t change the outcome, we change our attitude. There is a word in Japanese, “Gaman” 我慢, meaning: Enduring pain with patience and resilience. Being tolerant. So now, more than ever, we have to come together with love + practice gaman. Let’s allow the storm to pass with resilience as we endure the changes to the course. Let’s stay calm, graceful, tolerant.

Tears ran down my face with a call to Mom today. Mom in Cali says, “Candice, it’s not what we wanted either, but life will go on, it will take a while for change. You must focus on your own life, your own work, and study hard. Focus on making the change on your own. You can create change, every day.” My Sis, in London says, “Our lives must change – we must stand up to racism. Our parents are immigrants!”

So each day, let’s choose to make a difference on our own. Don’t let this outcome get in the way of your sails. Keep them open, bright, smart, empathetic, supportive and brave. We are so #united in our differences and even better, together. #Letgo we’ve got this ✌️we now have to be the change. I choose love, even when things suck, I choose #love..

With love from Tokyo xx ck

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