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i'm launching a podcast

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By: Candice Kumai

It’s true, I’ve decided to launch a self-funded podcast.
it’s time for us to talk more about the real important issues.

SABI さ び in Japanese refers to the passage of time, acceptance.
SABI さ び is about the process of aging + the fleeting nature of all things.

I’ll be discussing my 10+ years of massive pain I endured making it all self-made —-this job is not all pretty— it is mostly painful + all hard work.

what it was like to “make it” to the top of the wellness game in NYC, what it was like publishing 6 books, being on mastheads & how endurance was my secret to success #gaman. It still is. + what’s been truly important to me..

discussing more on mental health, anxiety, depression, being a mixed kid, being a child of immigrants.

Being discriminated against as a woman and an Asian American in the culinary space + media. ..For just simply being myself.. never really is about me, it’s about other people’s insecurities.

I’ll be taking my mask off, telling you about my times of pain and trauma — how I’ve handled my depression through being a public figure & what it was like to go thru heart-break+ trauma as a public person.

press release drops 5-29 + first episode drops 5-29!

be one of the first to subscribe now: + please write us a review and give us a five star rating!



with love always xx Candice

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