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in memory of sisi, 2002-2022 rest in peace

Inspiration > Keep Going

By: Candice Kumai

hi friends! I hope you have been well. It has been two weeks since my Sisi passed away to the rainbow bridge and I’m still feeling the pangs and waves of grief.
After twenty years as my best companion, it has been one of life’s greatest mysteries and lessons … the loss of a constant loved one.
Sisi was a magical girl- we found her when I was in college when my boyfriend at the time and I were volunteering to cook at a local firehouse in LA.
Sisi was a baby, singleton, tuxedo kitten who popped out of the fire house gate. They had rescued her from a car wheel earlier that day and said — “If you want her, she is all yours.” It cant be by chance that sometimes our life’s greatest companions will find us when we are ready and when we need them most.  She was with me in my most formative years – as a college student at 20- until I had just finished writing my 7th book at 40.
She still serves as my greatest teacher. She lived with me in Florida, as a host at HSN, in Washington State as a host at Discovery Studios, San Francisco, finishing the docu for NHK, in San Diego and of course she was with me in New York for a decade of my best growth as well as Los Angeles on her last months.
When she fell ill, I took care of her for six weeks and only my partner and family knew she was in end of life care. I encourage all of us to love more, harder, faster, wider, and to be gentle to everyone because you never know what others are going through.  Follow through with friends, meet them for lunch, call them, see how they are doing.
Take care of yourself, get better rest, sleep, eat fresh food from the farmer’s market, drink plenty of purified water, and read lots of books. Meditate, breathe deeply and look to nature, a walk in nature when you are lost. I am thinking of all of you in your times of grief and sadness. I am here to help to make sense of death through better storytelling, love and light and just before Sisi died, I whispered to her softly “Sisi I promise I’ll commit to service to others and to do better work to help others to heal” because she taught me how to love unconditionally,  and to heal my heart above all things.
She taught me that all things are impermanent “wabi sabi” – all things are fleetingand while we are here, healthy and breathing- we must learn to cherish one another more – regardless of what our beliefs, morals and thoughts may say — loving one another unconditionally is the easiest path to inner peace…
Thank you for your well wishes and love on her instagram post//comments – the comment section blew me away — Sisi was soooo loved, that little Queenie girl. Please check out the Wabi Sabi Podcast with 84 new episodes and subscribe to our youtube now, before we pop it off. Pass this newsletter to a friend in need.
RIP Prime Minister Shinzo Abe- thank you for your profound work to connect Japan to the US and the world in a more harmonious and cooperative way. You did so well; “yokata ne!” for violence, fear is not an answer
– only love (and voting) can change things Have a beautiful week friends xxx sending my best. — Candice

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