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the japanese 日本, by example

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Konnichiwa friends! Happy Weekend! Scroll down for all the goodness!

I'm just back in from my beloved Japan + mom and I met up and spent some QT with the fam and friends. There were lots of studies, interviews and cooking while I wrapped up my next book!

By: Candice Kumai

My mom and her best friends from college in Tokyo (pictured above) showed me that friendship, long-term is an integral and vital part to living a long, happy and fulfilling life. They studied together in their early twenties to each become school teachers… all changing the face of our world, with their nourishing knowledge and wisdom. We can learn so much when we take a step back to review the simple things life has to offer. Friends, catching up over lunch, cherry blossoms, laughter, dancing in the rain.

Life is not designed to be perfect. It was meant to be challenging and it was meant to show you how graceful and useful you can be. 

The Japanese do not tell, they show.

Their long lives, advancement in technology, devotion to work and sincerity in their friendships shows us an example we can be inspired by.

Let’s live and lead by example. Cherish your friendships, nourish them, be sincere, devote your life to something grand and let’s stop complaining. There’s no more time for that! Let’s be the change we wish to see. 

In the world of work, I can’t even catch up with myself anymore.. I hope to show, and not tell… I hope to lead by example, I shall put my head down and continue to work hard. The only way I know how to live….

Juicy info: we are growing like crazy on CandiceKumai.com! Please continue to share my delish recipes with all of your friends. I’ve been cooking and developing fresh recipes, professionally for over a decade now. As a former model, turned-wellness-journalist/chef, please trust my recipes are tested with nutrition and to perfection with your best life in mind.

Weekend Fun: Me and my beautiful Meeshie (Michelle Halpern, follow her on IG: LiveLikeitstheWknd!!) at a fresh Easter brunch we cooked in Central Park! Be good to your friends, they are angels from above!

My gorge girl Nat Uhling and I cooking together, being silly is the only way!

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xx Candice

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