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It's About the Journey, Never the Destination

Lifestyle + Home

By: Candice Kumai

As the fall has come upon us, the melancholy in the air hits you, the Ray Bans come off, the bikinis get packed away and the somber feeling that comes along with wearing fall boots and winter coats comes onto the calendar. Sigh. Well, there’s certainly been a great lead-up to this fall. I know, you’ve noticed my massive delays on writing to all of you here on my site. This girl has been busy, busy, busy.

For all of you that have been following me since my days on Top Chef, eight years ago now, to Lifetime and “Cook Yourself Thin”, to TLC  and “Home Made Simple” to Cooking Channel’s “Unique Eats” and now judging on “Iron Chef America”, 3 cookbooks later, this has been quite the journey. For we all know, it’s never been about the destination.

Thank you for being so good to me. Thank you for watching me grow into a young author, a food writer, a stylishly smart young woman. I am so grateful for all of  YOU. I write for you, I just want all of you to be happy, healthy and glowing. That is simply my job. To be a messenger and share the information I have studied the recipes I have developed and the small amount of philosophical tomes I have gained along the way.

There are many many individuals that I’d love to say thank you to for the launch of my new cookbook, “Cook Yourself Sexy” (which has just begun its success) and its full potential (much like myself) has yet to be fully revealed. The new book and all of its promotions have been a massively, overwhelming (in a great way) collaborative effort by many.

One of my favorite individuals that I’ve had the honor of meeting in NYC, Miss Jenelle Hamilton of The Connective NYC.  Jenelle, you have been my rock these past 3 months, and guess  what? We’ve got a lifetime to go. Buckle up, because I keep friends for life and take them on a journey. You are an incredible woman and you have a heart of gold. Here’s to you and your success, in all areas of life.

Here’s a bit of what I have been up to for the past 6 months of my life. Some of my favorite people and places and things. A small bit of a catch-up. And the journey will continue to be well documented on a new series, airing next spring. Here’s to new and exciting endeavors. With love and my utmost thanks xx ck

CK and her boutique launch @ Joie, Madison Avenue, NY, NY

CK Hosting this fall’s “Giving Through Growing Program for Robert Mondavi + Woodbridge Wines @ The French Culinary Institute, NYC

CK on NBC Miami, fall 2012

Gardening + Creating Awareness with “Giving Through Growing” locally, in Staten Island, this fall.

Getting seriously, down and dirty with the ACGA in Atlanta, GA this fall.. harvesting my own Mustard Greens for a Southern Cook-off.

Hottie team “Run Yourself Sexy” Runs a 10k + Raises $$ For FEED for RUN 10 FEED 10 with my amazing colleagues @ Women’s Health Magazine

My lovely PR Director, Jenelle Hamilton and I, helping to create and raise more awareness for our dear friends, The Resolution Project, Harvard Club Oct 2012.

Interviews @ the Harvard Club for the Resolution Project 2012.

CK and Micah Jesse, having a gay ol’ time Interviews @ the Harvard Club for the Resolution Project 2012. Love him xx

A publicist knows best, Jenelle Hamilton and Candice; Independent, sexy and keen, working women.

My darling editor from MensHealth.com, Bill Phillips and I at my cookbook launch, Parlor, NYC Oct 4, 2012

A very, CK Dinner Party, the Launch of Cook Yourself Sexy

My Favorite Executive Pastry Chef in the City, Thiago Silva, of Catch.

Thiago Silva, of Catch + CK knockin’ it out

My beautiful NYC girlfriends and partners! Cristina Renda, Molly Maguth, Jenelle Hamilton and Katarina Maloney. Love xx

My gorgeous book editor, Ursula Cary + her beautiful smile.

My stylish and adorable friend Ari Goldberg, CEO of StyleCaster @ The Launch of Cook Yourself Sexy

My darling friend Anna Boiardi and I 🙂 Finally, (sorta) taking a moment to breathe and toast together. Love you Anna.

CK, Running Herself “Sexy” San Francisco, Nike Women’s Marathon October 15th, 2012, to raise funds + Create awareness for the Leukemia Lymphoma Society. 9 minute miles baby.

My amazing best friend, Steph, comes all the way from Newport Beach (+my other darling friends Colleen and Missy) come to cheer me on @ Nike Women’s Marathon + She made signs!!!! OMG, like adorable. San Francisco, CA

My darling assist Joel Davis, creates the look @ the Joie, Madison Avenue Party. LOVE

Our amazing “Kickstart Your First Cookbook” Workshop @ The James Beard Foundation Oct 22nd, a smashing success. Along with my dear colleagues: Ursula Cary (Rodale Books), Sam Talbot (Chef, Author), Kris Moon (JBF Director of Charitable Giving)

JD Roberto of Better TV, wants to “Cook Himself Sexy” 😉

NY Daily News, comes to shoot in my downtown, snuggly, little kitch. Oct, 2012

NY Daily News, shoots my desk, for the first time… yes, I organized all morning long… That workspace gets all my love xx

My favorite local NY team @CBSNewYork LOVES and adores “Cook Yourself Sexy” Oct 26, 2012. And I thus, love and adore them.

My gorgeous sister, anchor, Lisa Kerney, admits, she adores “Cook Yourself Sexy” and uses it all the time. Lisa, I absolutely adore you.. and let me tell y’all, she is drop-dead-sexy! It works!

All the National shows + Print releases are out next! Stay tuned! xxx With love and so so much gratitude xx Candice

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