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Growing up Japanese American was a privilege. I was teased as a little kid for simply being different.

And even years later, there were racial digs I took for years. A thousand miles away, working in Japan, I'm watching what's happening in my NYC and my Cali, I'm watching the great divide.


By: Candice Kumai

Tears run down my cheeks, because when you grow up bi-racial, all you know is love. I see no difference in the way anyone looks. We have to take a stand against all the hate, the violence + the great divide.

The simplest thing you can do? Be kind to one another. Love more, open your eyes to new cultures, new places, new people! Embrace your differences. When I first started writing books, I was told, “Don’t write Asian books, because it will pigeon hole you.” I always included Asian and Japanese recipes, but looking back, I wish the scenario wasn’t so diluted. Ironic to be back in Japan while I live across from a Trump building in NYC.

Let’s be proud of our heritage. Let’s share our cultures with one another, let’s keep diversity growing wild. I find those who share their culture and their heritage to be immensely attractive. Oh, and those same boys who teased me, ended up asking me out years later.. and no, I didn’t forget.

And yes, I’m writing my first full-fledged Japanese book and I cannot wait for you to read it! I’m not afraid to share my heritage anymore. Let’s choose to stop the ignorance and open your arms, your big heart to be world! Don’t be afraid to reach out. xx ck


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