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just a note


By: Candice Kumai

Doing a weekly pod is hard… I had no idea I was in for such a ride or die … especially when you give so much of yourself as a public persona…

I learn so much everyday + especially how imperfect life truly is, for all of us + its more about jus figuring shit out//learning – on the reg.

Perhaps we have to do our best to let things go and not take anything personal —perhaps we can learn to give more grace + be empathetic + compassionate  — I am far from perfect, but I’m always open to noting when I am in need of doing some self-work… + a good gage of this is to do more of what feels right or good and less of the painful things…

How can we assume that everyone is doing great? –Social media is not an accurate reflection + for many of us –it is simply work –the pleasure is far gone from posting + my creative outlets shift to traveling and internal freedom — writing books, writing for magazines, cooking and creating..mostly behind closed doors. that’s when I’m really just myself with my friends and fam x no judgement.

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Perhaps we can work on more understanding — less judgement and give others a bit of God’s grace of time — all in our own watch + our own way of life — I know mine is very different and I have no fucking idea why .. it just is …. I enjoy putting in the effort to do the work, to be a better human + friend as much as I can – but I’m not perfect – wabi sabi.

This is not an easy gig, public figures and personas in all forms of media, I take my hat off to you, you are brave and empathetic – loyal and committed…and I pray for you/us because too many of us are criticized on the regular, mostly from perfect strangers — so much so that we can end up in pain simply for pursuing our calling/path/dreams and why should we stop our artistry? We should continue to be ourselves, openly and freely – take breaks, respect space and heal when needed in your own way, in your own time — well, that’s all I’ve got — I’m not perfect, and not being perfect just makes you more human x

check out all these boss babes in the pic on The new Girlboss Podcast: IN Progress with Noor Tagouri! xxx

truly always xx and deeply with love x ck


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