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Just taking a beautiful moment...



By: Candice Kumai

Four months after I had the opportunity to publish the most gorgeous book I’ve ever had the honor to write… I suddenly got the urge to read all of my book reviews… here they are on . I had to take a moment and a deep breath. And I started to realize, you noticed.

You noticed the intricate details that my art director Natasha Louise King and I worked on for 6 months. You noticed the carefully executed shots that Mister Quentin Bacon took. You noticed the amazing food styling that Lori Powell and I worked on together for months… the testing we did to perfect each and every bite.. you noticed the beauty of food.

Food, as my mother taught me, is made to nurture the body. It’s not something that should be messed with, nuked, thrown in a greasy pool of fry oil, shoved in your face in between meetings. It’s not in a .99 cent fried fish sandwich smothered in bad tartar sauce on sale with a supersized diet coke and curly fries… no, food should be beautiful. Food should be real. Food should be simple. Food should be natural. Food should be food.

So next time you’re thinking of nurturing your family, next time you are called to bring everyone to the table. Next time you are at the grocery store, cooking for 4, 2, or even your wonderful self. Remember to keep it beautiful. You deserve the best. So thank you for cooking real again, for sharing the love of good food with others and for spreading the word through your amazing reviews. You warm my heart and make a lonesome food writer feel validated in all of the hard work that was put forth for so many years.  I promise to keep the integrity, and caliber of work I’ve started producing up and up! A collective thank you from my heart to yours. You are the reason why I keep going.

xxx ck

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