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k o m o r e b i 木漏れ日


By: Candice Kumai

“The light between the trees”

The Japanese have many untranslatable words that I’ll be sharing with you over the next few years.
The simple love for finding komorebi can help to uplift, cleanse and captivate one’s heart.

Over the past year I traveled over 50,000 miles to write my next book. I interviewed the best in the Japanese wellness, food & travel industries, including my family & my Japanese ancestors.

I was an editor and writer for all the top tier “health” mags for so long & come to find, there’s nothing deep about any of the cover lines we spewed to sell copies.. there was nothing meaningful about wanting more click bait. There is nothing well about pushing crap products on to people, or being a “fake” “wellness expert” with a dark/soulless heart… I chose to leave that behind & walked away from big $$ and the top tier mags because it simply did my spirit and my legacy no good.

We do a disservice to the world when we try to fit in.

My differences are what always set me a part from the rest. And until I found my heart in the mountains of Japan, all alone a few years back, until I had those last moments holding my Baachan’s hand at her bedside, until I looked at what my mother had accomplished as a sensei in Tokyo and the US, I denied my calling.

The special parts of you, the way you were raised, your heritage and culture, the pain you turned into progression, that’s your story.

It’s been two years since I started this next book, it’s the scariest one of all, but it’s also the one that will draw tears from your eyes + make your heart skip a beat + say, “me too”. How can you nourish your whole life? I can’t wait to share xxx do you, stay true to who you are, everyone else is taken x ✨✨✨ ck

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