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Kintsugi the Documentary

Wellness > Wisdom

By: Candice Kumai

Kintsugi the documentary is out now! After YEARS of filming, rewrites, trips, and editing… you can watch Kintsugi now!
Kintsugi: Translated from Japanese meaning: 金—gold 繕—repair, inherit, succeed, continue

After 10 years at the top talent agency in the world, and after writing 6 bestselling books, I decided to leave my agents and lawyers to write and fund my own show, Kintsugi.

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My maternal family legacy is far more than coming from Japan and “making it” in the US. In this documentary series, I interview six Nagasaki A-Bomb survivors, four monks, a reverend, a kintsugi artist, a Tokyo-based professional skater, unveil my Grandfather’s impressionist art and spend time with my Japanese mother. I retrace my family roots in Japan as a way to put into perspective Kintsugi – the traditional Japanese art of healing and mending — turning our broken cracks into gold. It took me five years to write the book Kintsugi Wellness and three years, 24 flights and my entire savings and IRA to shoot this documentary.

My traditional Japanese Mom at first wanted nothing to do with this project. She later had a deep change of heart, as she saw the pieces of the documentary, and of my own broken life, being put back together. She then realized the value of honoring the legacy of her father – Japanese Impressionist artist Jun Kumai. The legacy is one of imperfection, alcoholism, pain, healing, being broken, mending, putting pieces back together and the arts.

Where we come from is who we are. Our all-minority cast and crew paints a picture of a group of us that are rarely given the opportunity to share our stories. I left the agents and lawyers and self-funded my journey to retrace my roots and put back together the broken pieces of my story. In doing so I invite viewers to find and mend the broken pieces of their own lives and participate in the practice and ethos of Kintsugi.

It is the most meaningful piece of work I have created in my lifetime, we hope you enjoy it.

Candice Kumai invites viewers to join her on a healing adventure through Japan as she explores holistic beauty rituals, spiritual practice with the monks in the mountains and feel-good secrets from Japanese culture and tradition. In Kintsugi, Candice reveals gems of wisdom as she retraces her Japanese roots and provides us all with tools and insights to reclaim the art of living well in the modern world.

From chanting with the monks of Koyasan at five am, to exploring the cherry blossoms (hanami) in Candice’s mother’s hometown of Beppu, to walking an 88 temple pilgrimage, each stand-alone episode will document a new, fresh cultural perspective on health and well-being. These long-standing, never-before-seen practices contribute to a global – and yet deeply personal — understanding of ultimate healing and wellness from within (especially in this time of clamour and anxiety!)  everyone needs this wisdom and loves this show.

Candice travels the well-world for inspiration and hands-on practices, to reveal the world’s best-kept Japanese wellness secrets. 

Kintsugi is a four-part series released on the NHK network in Japan. Kintsugi has now won a Diff documentary award and now a New York Indie Short Film award!


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