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kintsugi wellness forever

Inspiration > business

By: Candice Kumai

Hi amazing friends!!
It’s time + truly thank you for this moment. For each of you who purchased a book already — some of you multiple — THANK YOU!
If I could get every one of you to purchase one copy — we can make this book a true perennial masterpiece!

I don’t come out with books often – this would be a the ultimate gift.
I truly love you and thank you for all of your support!
All an artist can ever ask for is love and support…non judgement.

May you find gaman, when you need resilience, may you take great care with ki yo tsukete, may you look for kansha in your heart.

May you give your osettai to the world.

The book is FULL of new matcha recipes + Japanese inspired recipes!
BUT also has important ancient Japanese practices and life lessons for you!

Sending you all my love and in gratitude,
SEE you on CNN next week! + be sure to enter the giveaway!! + buy one more copy for a friend + enter to win yourself some free wellness swag!
xx ck

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