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kintsugi wellness, taking wellness back to where it started

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By: Candice Kumai

Hi Sunshine! 

Did you start reading your copy of Kintsugi Wellness!?
I’m so excited to hear what you think!

This game changing book, takes us all back with humility and grace…

This book shows us where wellness truly is meaningful and where it got started. I write from my ancestors stories, from my family and from the elderly in Japan..their tools are sharp and commonsense.

Wellness isn’t all about mesh yoga pants and charcoal lemonade.. its all about our ancestors, survival, resilience and cultivating inner peace.

With Kintsugi Wellness, you’ll be able to mindfully, cultivate a new experience without anything fancy, no tools, no $$ needed, just you and your new book! For each of you who purchased a book already — some of you multiple — THANK YOU!
If I could get every one of you to purchase one copy — we could make this book a bestseller!

Please write your amazing amazon reviews! + order a copy or two for a friendor sister in need, this book is being touted as a “lifesaver” + “saving grace” for so many! It was designed for anyone feeling “stuck”, in need of healing or a re-boot!!

Events are coming soon too! Please follow my instagram for more juiciness!

With all my thanks + love! I am grateful you are healing your heart + reclaiming your spirit, now!

I love you!
xx Candice

PS I will be back on Dr Oz Show soon, talking teatox!!!
CLICK HERE to watch my amazing day with my girl Wendy!

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