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Koji an Ancient Japanese Secret

Japanese and Kaizen

By: Candice Kumai


 While often (and mistakenly) referred to as a yeast, koji is a fermentation starter/fungus: Aspergillus oryzae

—commonly used to make soy sauce, miso, and sake—is actually the product of combining cooked rice or soy beans with a natural fermentation culture, which breaks down protein and carbohydrates from the beans or rice into amino acids. 

The resulting mixture comes with some great health benefits, like heart-protecting isoflavones—powerful free radical-fighting antioxidants that also help keep bones healthy and strong. Additionally, one of the amino acids created by this process, glutamate, (glutamic acid is an amino acid & the foundation of umami!) infuses the koji with a delicious, satisfying flavor you know as UMAMI.

ADD Japanese pantry staples & Adding Japanese Fermented seasonings made from koji to your wellness routine: 



MIRIN (sweet seasoning)


Find out more about Koji with my tomodachi (friends) at JFOODO.

And a special thanks to our friends at RYLA in LA, Nancy Singleton, Stories International and JFOODO.

Domo agitato gosaimasu!




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