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Be Positive! Not Negative.


By: Candice Kumai

Sometimes I have a really hard time listening to complaining or whining.  Don’t get me wrong, I have my bad days too and can turn into a total whiner. However, my sister taught me a fantastic mantra that I now follow daily: “Feel sorry for yourself for 30 minutes, then carry on.”

Let’s be honest with ourselves: most of us have won the lottery in life. Of course, we all have our stuff to deal with, but when you think about how we have so much food to eat in this country we could feed an army our of our freezers alone, or that we have thousands of stores that sell completely different clothing, it’s hard to be whiny.

It’s especially difficult for me to listen to people whine about their health or weight. When I tell you that you can take control of how you look and feel, I mean it! And I’m here to help you do it. If you spent less time being upset about your body, and more time putting delicious, healthy things into it, you would be so much happier! Right? I mean, complaining takes up valuable time, and it’s so icky and negative. There are some seriously beautiful things in this world to be happy about, and if you’re only thinking of the bad stuff, you won’t have time to enjoy them.

So the next time you are feeling sorry for yourself, acknowledge it and accept it. BUT only for 30 minutes, and then move on to something good!  Try to balance all the negative thoughts with positive ones, and believe me when I say, you’ll start noticing more good things around you and the bad things will show up less often. You can change your life into whatever you want, so get going, sister!

xx ck.

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