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Let Your Heart be Your Compass

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By: Candice Kumai

I hope you’ve been loving this scenic fall weather and all of your pumpkin spiced lattes & vegan spiced cakes. Yum!! So things are changing, one of my best girlfriends is leaving NYC, (after 8 years in the city!) this week, another is packing up for a new journey to SF and my heart has now been inclined to make some life changes. Above all things, I do know who I am. And so do you, all you have to do is look deep inside of you and reflect in peace.
I may not always know where I am going, but my heart is my compass. I am sure of one thing, I always follow my heart. 
When I loved, I gave that love my absolute everything, and when it crumbled, I knew that it was not the place nor the direction for me to move towards anymore. Look within and you will find many answers. Look forward, pray and keep going. When you look deep within your heart, you shall find answers. Let your heart lead you. Do not be afraid to be vulnerable, weak or scared. For in your weakest times, in your vulnerable times of fear, you truly are your strongest. Know that.
Come connect with me and my heart more here on, I share a few of my best and most relatable experiences. If you follow me on instagram, + comment, I’ll always try to hit you back!
Always give your all, seek and you shall find. Let your heart be your compass.
With grace,

Ps! Don’t forget to order a copy of my new book: Clean Green Eats! It’s time to CHANGE and clean your whole life! xxx Mucho love and grace xxx

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