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Life Happens

Lifestyle + Home

By: Candice Kumai

Holy Mole. Dude. If you’ve been having a summer like mine, it’s meant non-stop work + hustle.
Since we last spoke, life happened; I have been working and traveling in London, Greece, Nantucket, Montauk, and of course, NYC!

Image: Montauk Beach House + Our yoga + brunch with Reebok + Bandier
I had a birthday, I had some pretty heavy family news (which always comes first, and which happened whilst in London), then Mom had surgery, Sis is currently dealing with the Brexit in the UK (she is an American citizen in the UK, sigh), plus I’ve been studying and researching the new Japanese wellness book for all of you, as well as shooting, writing, developing content and hosting events…and life still went on.

My eyes well up when I think about the immigrants who will have to leave the UK once the Brexit takes place. My sister will be directly impacted by this awful decision. As a millennial who has access to an EU passport, and with a sister who proudly owns a small and thriving business in London, this decision broke my heart. As Pope Francis once stated, “Do not be ashamed of your traditions. We are all immigrants, whether we came here 10 generations ago or 10 minutes ago.” Let’s start working towards loving and celebrating one another. We must take steps forward to unite, not steps that move us backwards! You can start with your neighbors and friends, you can start with kindness and understanding.I’ve been thinking of those in Orlando, and often. The LGBTQ community is part of my heart, and I’ve signed numerous petitions on gun control. Let’s work to change public policy and not just talk about it. Show how you care, don’t just tell. You can start with your friends and neighbors and work to create a direct change at the source.

Image: at Home on Wall Street, NYC

With immigration and this separation of love, I strongly urge you to do something. Don’t just talk about it, but contact your senator, and work with a progressive group to change public policy.There are many days where we feel overwhelmed, trust me, and there are many days where I question personally what I’m even doing. While in the middle of chaos and life the most sound and peaceful place I can go isn’t in Greece, Montauk or London… its going inward. Going inward can allow you to find peace. I’m not gonna waste my next few months or years trying to be an influencer, I’m just gonna go inward.I’m going to study tradition, I’m going to travel back to my roots. I’m going to focus on what matters. I’m going to make myself of great use. Why? Because I care about our community and our future. Every small thing you do now makes a GREAT impact on our future. Wake up and start going inward. Find inner peace with yourself and find a place of empathy for others.Embrace your heritage, your traditions + one another. When shit gets heavy, go inwards. It will help to clarify a lot for you, and your heart.

xxx Peace yo,

Navy Beach, Montauk, NY

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And please, pass this love letter on to anyone you’d like to share a little more love with. You are beautiful, just as you are.

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