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To Live with Gaman がまん


By: Candice Kumai

Hi friends! JUST WOW.

Can I just note that 2017 is the year!?
I cannot believe how much I have already accomplished in 2017. I count every blessing. As you’ve seen on instagram, we have already spoken in Palm Springs with IMG/WME (my agency), wrote a full week’s cleanse for Well + Good, I proudly joined Team Adidas and I’m speaking with Chanel! I shot with my favorite mentor Dr. Oz 2x, and my boy, Rocco DiSpirito.

I’ve been writing my book continuously improving (kaizen) every chapter and recipe with every day I have left. I’m writing/shooting fresh, inspiring content for my re-launched site (you’re on it now!), Levo League, Greatist + many more the next few months…

I think you may have to pinch me. I’m focused on my A-game with my new Japanese book. It’s due in 5 weeks, please wish me luck! Ganbatte ne! がんばって! Sometimes, you’ll have to sacrifice a few things, before you can “have it all”. You’ll have to learn to love yourself, your work and your life, before you can whole-heartedly help others.

Thank you for always being here to support and love my insanely roller-coaster-like journey. 2017 marks my 10 years of being a solo female small business owner. As my agent Strand once told me, “Candice, it takes 10 years for overnight-success”, perhaps it is the time. Please don’t forget, I also endured がまん (gaman) an incredible amount of pain, struggle, criticism and hardships within these ten years. If I may better serve my community as a young, female role model who came, saw and conquered, then I may be doing my job well… but I’m just getting started. I’ve got a big responsibility ahead of me.

Now, more than ever is a time to endure, to share gaman, がまん with others. It is a simple practice to love, to learn, to endure, internally. the Japanese can show us in so many ways how to humbly love, how to endure and move our lives forward with resilience.

Instagram me your food pics + chat to you there!
Candice Kumai

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