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Live Well, Fuel Better, Train Harder

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I want to share with you my fave real and nutrition-packed foods to nourish you pre and post run, as well as get you some ingredients to help with recovery.

Your body knows whole foods and loves them!

By: Candice Kumai

Training for the upcoming NYC Marathon this Sunday?! Here’s a recap from our Nike Pro Tips Running Series. As a runner myself, I’ve clocked my share of races and know, top-nutrition is key for your best performance. I want to share with you my fave real and nutrition-packed foods to nourish you pre and post run, as well as get you some ingredients to help with recovery. 

Remember, as my good friend Dr. Katz has always advised us, “What is good for us, is good for all of us”,  so be certain to eat more whole foods, nothing bogus. Your body knows whole foods and loves them! Best of luck, so proud and lots of love xx ck 

My Fave Pre + Post Workout Foods: 

  • Oats: Complex Carbs: Perfect for a morning start, slow digesting complex carbs are money for a run. 
  • Whole Grains: Complex Carbs: A few of my favorites: Quinoa porridge, oats with banana, almond butter, coconut milk or my Berry Amaranth Porridge. 
  • Seasonal Pumpkin//Squash: Try my face kabocha squash salad or soup
  • Water: Hydrate, yo!! This is important, pre and post workout
  • Matcha: For performance + focus: Matcha is magical green tea powder, full of antioxidants, vitamin C and l-theanine (for a hit of chill mental focus).
  • Sweet Potato: Complex Carbs: + Beta carotene vitamin A and slow digesting carbs. Try roasted sweet potato slices over your oats or cubed and roasted sweet pots in your salad. 
  • Ginger: Anti-Inflammatory: Post running benefits, try one of my ginger based smoothies or juices. 
  • Fresh Fruit (especially berries, Dr. Katz shares): Antioxidants//Anti-Inflammation. I’m obsessed with berries + they protect you from UV rays and also prevent wrinkles//inflammation. 
  • Fresh Greens: Antioxidants//Anti-Inflammation: Greens should be added to every smoothie and each meal, they give you a nutrient + hydration boost, as well as add vitamins A, C, K to your beautiful body. 
  • Nuts + Seeds: Plant Protein! Try snacking on raw, whole nuts. Never roasted with oil, loads of salt and sugar! I love grabbing a scoop of pbutter or almond butter from the jar when on the go. 
  • Legumes + Beans: Complex Carbs//Protein: Try my fave Lentil Soup with Kabocha Squash! YUM! 
  • Plant Based Protein Powders if you must: Best base: Legumes, beans, pea based are key. Look for organic, vegan and high quality, minimally processed powders.

Remember, sleep is key, water is your new best friend, whole foods are the best foods to fuel and to race/recover. No bar, shake, processed junk or chemically-processed food can replace whole, real, nutritious packed eats! Get on that.

With love xx Candice

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