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Matcha Pistachio Crusted Cod

Recipes > Mains

By: Candice Kumai

It should be no secret that MATCHA green tea really is my one true love. Why? Let’s do a recap: Matcha is an amazing, fine ground green tea leaf powder packed with vitamins, antioxidants and health benefits. The natural properties of caffeine in tea can help boost your metabolism and help you to relax at the same time. Some studies show that matcha can help to improve mental focus. Win-win! Try it crusted on halibut or cod this week, with a little pistachio and love and you have one fancy fish! Simple and delish.

Serves 4

1 1/2 lbs fresh cod or halibut

Dry Ingredients: For the Pistachio Matcha Crust

3/4 cup raw pistachios (you can also try macadamia nuts)

1 tablespoon matcha powder, like Ito En Matcha Love

1/2 teaspoon sea salt

Coconut oil spray (unrefined) or olive oil spray

Sea salt to taste


1- Place all dry ingredients into a food processor, pulse until it resembles a crust, not into a powder. Transfer to a shallow dish.

2- Prep your fish and portion out into 4-6 servings.  Spray each fillet with coconut oil and crust the flesh side of the fish with the pistachio crust in a shallow dish. Dust with sea salt to finish.

3- Lightly coat a stainless steel sauté pan with coconut oil spray. Place over medium heat. Add in your fish and cook until firm to the touch, approximately 8-10 minutes. Serve over a bed of fresh dressed greens and quinoa or brown rice.

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