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Matters of the Heart


By: Candice Kumai

Hi gorgeous, Happiest (almost) Springtime!

Spring has made its 2016 debut and that means plenty of vitamin D, bikinis, surfing, skating, biking, hiking, running, loving, cooking, grillin, laughing and smiling. Hell-yasss. I hope you are getting out into the sunshine and are feeling really, really good!!

This week, I had the honour to speak at SoHo House, NYC and teach my courses at The Natural Gourmet Institute, NYC. I shot with my beautiful girlfriend and yogi Lauren Taus in the gorgeous Brooklyn sunshine, I got to workout with my hot girlfriends at Bar Method SoHo all week and I’m currently writing to all of you, a love letter from 35,000 above…  I did, and I’m doing more of what felt really, really good, on the inside.

So many friends, new, old and long-term, showed up for our sold-out SoHo House Wellness Workshop this week, so many that ended up touching my heart. I hoped to have touched theirs in return. We spoke about what really matters on the inside.

Abs, green juice, athleisure, that’s all fun and I lofffe it, too, but its not what matters. What I write, teach, shoot, publish and speak about, matters. How I feel about the work I am contributing to my community, the positive impact I am making, the honest work I am sharing, that is what matters. My work will always be a matter of the heart. Sometimes I put my hand on my heart, simply to channel love from the inside. For there are days, where I feel “stuck”, lost, lonely etc. I’m just like you. What a blessing and a curse to feel so much. Although, to have such a big heart, I am grateful.

Sure, this past year was not the greatest, as I shared with all of you, it was a roller coaster of ups and downs. What got me through was your stories, what you shared with me, the sunshine, your hearts, your minds, your enthusiasm, your inspiration, your kindness, your grace. What matters most is our human connection to one another and sharing our authentic stories and wisdom. Being of good use to another, volunteering more, being more human, reaching out in real life. That is what matters. Let’s have a think about that and share more of what matters. Matters of the heart.

Back to work in Cali, I fly! I leave you with some delish new recipes, self-care, self-love, some inspo, some quotes, and new events to mark down below! See you on instagram for daily updates!

PS If you haven’t yet, please write a solid book review for my latest book, Clean Green Eats! It will take you about 2 minutes and gratitude goes a long way. Pass-it-on.

With all my love and grace, xxx

Photo: David Tufino

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