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Meditation is Wellness

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By: Candice Kumai

This past Sunday, I joined my amazingly talented and experienced meditation teacher, Tom Cronin, for his “Mastering Your Mind” meditation event. It was the most powerful night for the 30 attendees in one room in NYC. 

I’m constantly fascinated by Tom’s work and his genuine, heartfelt ways of sharing his personal story. He applies them so well to our everyday lives so we may learn, grow, heal, love, and let go.

When Tom said, “Who in here is living a freaking awesome, fist-pumping life!?” and only 3 out of the 30 of uraised their hands (I was not one of the three), that really opened my eyes! Yes! I, too, wake up tired, sluggish, un-motivated, drained from non-stop work and wanting so much more out of my one, precious and meaningful life! What if meditation was that one powerful antidote that got us all there?

What if meditation was that one FREE + ACCESSIBLE resource that could help us all to be more than we ever imagined, to love deeper, inspire those around us, shine brighter, fall asleep faster, laugh harder, to see more vibrantly, to be a better individual all around? What if meditation was that one thing we all needed a large dose of, instead of prescriptions, booze, late nights, debaucherous addictions, and tech-overloads? Oy, the tech overloads, they definitely got me.

Meditation is free, easy and accessible to all. Best of all, it’s proven by science that it works.

Perhaps we haven’t even tapped into that level of true, deep stillness yet, perhaps we are merely just starting this very transcendental journey to true wellness together.

There’s only one way to find out, right? I’m going to start Tom’s 21 Steps to Faster, Deeper Bliss all over again. I’m going to set my intentions to fall back in love with my life, with my journey, and my heart. In Japanese, we call this your “ikigai”, or, your life purpose.

When you lose your focus, your direction, or when your life calling feels distorted, all this is is life’s redirection. Perhaps it’s a sign to change lanes, change gears, heck, even change your glasses, your favorite lipstick, mascara, tea, bed sheets! Whatever changes it takes to change your brain in order to adapt, learn, and grow!

Please keep shining from the inside-out. Keep your life clean, fulfilled, exciting, inspiring and loving.

Keep nourishing, keep blending, keep juicing, keep it fresh and clean! If you ever need cooking tips, wellness tricks and clean smoothie recipes galore, follow me here on instagram and send me any messages, notes, questions or comments! Don’t forget to tag me in your food snaps and recipes you make @CandiceKumai! I love that! All tech in moderation, of course. =)

Have a wonderful day, gorgeous xxxx



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