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Mere Words...

Lifestyle + Home

By: Candice Kumai

There are certainly days where it’s so dreary, cold (and dare I say lonely), here in NYC, I wonder… What the heck is a California, ex-surfer, beach, sunshine, bikini-loving girl doing here?

I got up and checked my info@CandiceKumai.com inbox with a cup of tea this morning (simply used for messages and special letters/notes, I really do read/see all of them.) I begin to read about Hannah, and how she cured her father of cancerous cells, and the doctors saw huge improvement just by cooking with more real foods and with the help of “Cook Yourself Sexy.” I hear from Quinn who just wanted to let me know that she and her hubby LOVE cooking from my books together, and from Carrie who just needs advice and inspiration on how to have a career like mine- Oh, girl, where do I begin?

A plethora of invites to come speak for community and wellness-based programs because they know how I roll. I love empowering, educating and inspiring my local community. Whether that’s in LA, NY, Oahu or San Diego, we are all one. And just a few notes that say two very powerful words: Thank. You.

Well, thank you! For taking the time to write. My heart sings. My cup is full. My empathy is so deep. I know it’s all happening, I see the changes coming, I can feel all of you making changes.

How can I possibly feel lonely with all of this love? For it is better to be grateful for all that you do have, than focus on what you do not. My parents certainly instilled humility into my veins. I may not have a boatload in the bank, I may be single, I might not be where I have always dreamed of being, but I am rich in character, honesty, and faith. I always hope to inspire you through these principles.

If I can just get one individual to cook better, reflect more and live a better, more inspired life? My job is done. Progress, and that is what we will make together. For it is better to live a life full of grace, character, talent, health, wellness and inspiration, than to pout over your misery. Best of all? These principles are all free.

“Character is what you can give to someone when they can give you nothing in return.” -Or a really incredible dinner of Whole Roasted Garlic Chicken and Smashed Red Roasted Potatoes.

Go girl, get it.

With love, xx ck

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