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Mission Statement

Original, quality content, imagery + video, created with integrity. I live in the present moment, with moral integrity, with the intent to help you live the most amazing, feel-good life, like, ever.

Mission Statement, Candice Kumai + Stiletto Chef Inc. 

I live to inspire a whole new generation of wellness lovers, creative artists, fitness gurus and cooks in the kitchen. I work with honesty, with moral integrity and sincerity. I create meaningful, authentic, trustworthy + useful content to evoke emotion, inspire our audience to take action. Your health, wellbeing and your best interests come first.

May the force be with you xx Candice

Dec, 2017



*CK Creative Artist Clause: 

I will only share original and honest work on my site, in my published work and on my social channels. In no way will I contribute or post work that is not authentic to my brand. I will not work with brands I don’t personally use, or endorse. I will refuse to work with corporations that are solely focused on profit. I will not post according to your schedule or with your images or your preferred drafts. Trust that I am a professionally trained chef, 5x author and respected journalist in NYC who knows and loves my audience. I only put forth/produce original work that I am 100% proud to create, work I stand behind. This clause pertains to my work in publishing, on my site, in media and on all of my social media handles. I am not a blogger. I am a content creator, chef and professional writer/journalist. I don’t write for profit, I write to creatively express myself, to share my experiences and inspire a whole new generation.