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nice stems. the perfect legs: how to



By: Candice Kumai

nice stems.
it’s leg day + after a decade of fit/print modeling jeans + tiny bikinis while writing cookbooks + for @shape + @womenshealthmag:
here’s how to keep them in perfect 👌🏼 A++ condition:
1- barre class: 👯‍♀️it’s the #1 place to keep those stems in perfect shape – lean long 💃🏽 dancer’s dent muscles. #Barre @thebarmethod @pure_barre I love them both!

2- avocado 🥑 daily: it’s no secret, Cali girls eat them everyday, I have 1-2 each day. + look for carotenoid filled foods to keep skin healthy by nature.

3- cook with carotenoids: sorry 😐 but external creams aren’t gonna make those stems hot. I cook with carotenoids, daily: yams, sweet potatoes, spinach, kale 🥬 + eat mangoes 🥭 apricots.

4- matcha 🍵 + collagen daily: I learn from the Japanese women in my family. . Try Matcha Love and Vital Proteins!

5- body brush: I use a dry body brush from a natural health store every night before bathing: circulation + lymphatic drainage A++ .

6- stretch + pilates: my friend/trainer @rksolidnyc and I agree this is key 🔑 + Rebecca says: stretch your glutes to also release your hips ⚡️

7- legs up the wall: this simple yoga pose helps with circulation + is super calming//relieves stress.

8-exfoliate: this is the easiest one of all: slather sugar + coconut oil together + exfoliate those hot legs while bathing..

9- deadlifts 💀: trainer @rksolidnyc swears by deadlifts + running: I have a love//hate relationship w running- so be sure to choose playlists wisely. If you want to turn heads 💀👀👀deadlifts have this side peep OMFG look men give you every time at the gym. — the key to focus on you: wear your @beatsbydre headphones 🎧 focus. .

10- cut down sugar intake: this will help to reduce inflammation + keep your energy up for all that running xx how to?: Go to and buy: THE MATCHA CLEANSE: it’s easy + it’s how I’ve kept my body hot af ⚡️⚡️⚡️easy x ck

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