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Nourish + Love

Lifestyle + Home

By: Candice Kumai

I hope you are relaxing, loving, enjoying and soaking up some gorgeous sun this beautiful afternoon!

If you’ve got someone you are able to cook, cuddle, mingle, laugh with and love today, be grateful for them. Show them you love them, by cooking – the single most selfless act one can do for another. Let’s not let cooking become a thing of the past; Let’s celebrate cooking now, with one another.

Whip your buddy, love, or family member up one of my delish and nutritious smoothies this morning or make them some yummy homemade cinnamon coffee (just add cinnamon to your coffee grinds) and finish off the mug with creamy almond or coconut milk. Try nourishing them with a crisp bite of avocado toast. Simply finish off your avocado toast with a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, chili flakes and sea salt to top!

One day, we’re all going to have families, significant others, loved ones with us, everyday… and nourishing them, loving them, taking care of them, that is life! If you have that, cherish and nourish that relationship. Life isn’t about spending four extra hours at the office every night, or missing out on weekends together because of deadlines. It’s about the quality time you can spend with each other right now. Cherish every minute of being together, indulge and bask in the love.

Follow moi on Instagram for some major inspiration for the new week!  I will always continue to nourish my community, because all of you are my family and friends for life.

Have a gorgeous, beautiful day! xxx

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