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perfect booty, how to

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With summer just weeks away, I want to share with you my tried + true ways I stay fit and work for that juicy booty, naturally!!

Yas queen, and it's a lot easier than you think. Let me keep you motivated to feel-good for life.

By: Candice Kumai

Barre: Lift your seat, tucks + barre exercises work to lift your booty muscles. Trust it works, #kaizen. Mine got even better with time! Try my fave studios, The Bar Method, Barre3 + Physique 57 + Exhale! Workout with women that make you feel amazing! Hang with positive and loving people.

Water: Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate. Drinking lots of water keeps your skin firm and hydrated. And yes, 8-10 cups a day. Try adding lemon to your water, for extra detoxing powers.

Vitamin A: Found in fruits and veggies, like sweet potatoes, Vitamin A keeps your skin smooth and prevents drying and scaling of the skin. It also boosts collagen, keeping your booty extra juicy! YUM.

Vitamin C: Vitamin C has been proven to naturally slow the aging process of skin and its antioxidants can also lessen the redness of skin. Try my Vitamin C Immunity Booster smoothie for an extra boost of C in your am routine.

Hydrate: Make sure to moisturize your skin daily with your fave, au naturel body lotion or oils. I absolutely love Spectrum Coconut Oil, Indie Lee, Julep and Biossance oils.

Massage: Treat yourself! Keep your circulation flowing by body brushing pre-shower. It’s so simple + anyone can do this. Coconut oil and lube up post shower. Get more massages to increase circulation, or just have a hot babe massage your bunz.

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